Eye Care Professionals: Overview

Bausch + Lomb is committed to providing you and your patients with the latest developments and innovations in specialty vision products.

Known for our gas permeable lens materials and lens care solutions under the BOSTON brand and coupled with scleral, ortho-k, and multifocal lens designs, we are focused on enabling fitters to provide a successful lens fit and excellent vision care for their patients.

Our web store was created to offer you and your patients a convenient online shopping experience for specialty lens care products. This online portal is a reflection of our commitment to helping improve patient compliance through ongoing education and communication. With quick access to product usage information and lens wear and handling guidance, we strive to encourage healthy and successful contact lens wear.

We continue to lead the way in giving eye care professionals around the world the products and tools which help solve the vision needs of millions of patients.

If you're looking for contact lens care, you've come to the right place.

Eye Care Professionals: Overview